Computer surveillance and VMS

connect your computers to CCTV infrastructure

In the ever-evolving world of computers and surveillance, DeskCamera bridges the gap between your computer surveillance and Video Management Systems (VMS) or Network Video Recorders (NVR). With DeskCamera, you can transform your PC into a virtual ONVIF IP camera, allowing you to stream, record, and monitor your computer screen, webcam feed, audio, and more through VMS and NVR systems. In this article, we’ll delve into how DeskCamera works by including your computer surveillance into your CCTV setup.

How DeskCamera Works:

  1. Getting started with DeskCamera is a breeze. Simply install DeskCamera application on your Windows PC and configure the media you wish to capture - the desktop screens, webcams, microphone, specific applications, or others

  2. DeskCamera transforms your computer into a virtual ONVIF IP camera. This feature enables you to stream all your captured media directly to any Video Surveillance system.

  3. With DeskCamera, integrating your PC as a surveillance device is as easy as can be. Use the IP address of your PC to add DeskCamera to your VMS/NVR system, treating it like any other ordinary ONVIF IP camera.

No need for ONVIF Hardware Encoders: Say goodbye to expensive hardware approaches for monitoring PC screen activities. DeskCamera is a software-only solution, eliminating the need for ONVIF hardware encoders or physical IP cameras.

Compatibility With Most VMS and NVR Systems: DeskCamera utilizes the ONVIF standard, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of Video Management Systems (VMS) and Network Video Recorders (NVR). You can seamlessly integrate it into your existing CCTV setups, working in harmony with other IP cameras.

PC surveillance for different industries: DeskCamera finds utility in various industries, including cash terminals, banks, supermarkets, exam/certification centers, SCADA terminals, and any domain where Windows PCs serve as points of service or information.

Virtual ONVIF IP Camera Application: DeskCamera functions as a virtual ONVIF IP camera, discreetly running in the background.

Computer surveillance in CCTV: Integrate PC workstation surveillance seamlessly into your existing CCTV infrastructure with just a few clicks.

Record Screens and Webcams into VMS: Stream one, two, or even more PC screens and webcams simultaneously to your VMS/NVR systems.

Convert HTTP and RTSP Streams into ONVIF: DeskCamera can convert external HTTP and RTSP streams to ONVIF, enhancing your flexibility.

Screen, Webcam, others Media as a Dedicated RTSP Stream: DeskCamera creates a dedicated RTSP streams for every type of media, including user-defined “Screen area” and “Picture in Picture” media.

Computer Audio Capture into VMS: Enjoy motion event detection, audio capture, support for 4K resolution, and up to 60 FPS streams.

Best Performance with DeskCamera: DeskCamera leverages GPU acceleration for encoding, ensuring minimal PC resource consumption.

DeskCamera is a Partner for many Leading VMS Vendors: DeskCamera boasts technology partnerships with leading VMS manufacturers, assuring you of a reliable and cutting-edge solution.

In conclusion, DeskCamera revolutionizes the way you interact with your computer screens, transforming them into ONVIF IP cameras. This software-only solution offers a cost-effective, versatile, and seamless way to monitor, record, and integrate your PC into your surveillance systems. With DeskCamera, your computer screen becomes a valuable asset in the realm of video surveillance. Embrace the future of surveillance technology with DeskCamera today.